Today`s agreement therefore paves the way for a referendum that could lead to an assembly that is not only a spending body, but is in fact also responsible for obtaining more of its revenue. The agreement states: “The UK government will establish a relative level of funding that it makes available to the Welsh Government.” 9 The St. David`s Day Agreement also required the government to consider whether there was a strong case for the implementation of one of the Smith Commission`s other recommendations for Wales. As a result of this work, the bill contains: – thirdly, we propose what is called a `funding floor` – to protect the relative level of funding for Wales, which will give the Welsh government the certainty of planning for the future and developing the economy. The agreement stipulates that the National Assembly should be able to reduce the age of parliamentary elections to 16 years, set its own speed limits and have control over hydraulic fracturing, sewers, ports, as well as the regulation of taxis and buses. The St David`s Day Agreement we have concluded today is one of the largest transfers of power in the history of Welsh decentralisation. It is about finding sustainable colonies across the country to make our UK stronger and fairer. 6 In November 2014, the government introduced what is known as the St. David`s Day Process. The aim was to find a political consensus on the implementation of the recommendations of the second report committee on decentralisation in Wales (Soie II) on the powers of the Assembly. The process also examined whether there was a political consensus to implement certain elements of the Smith Commission`s proposals for Scotland for Wales. Britain`s coalition government has described the St David`s Day agreement announced on Friday by David Cameron and Nick Clegg, which provides guaranteed minimum funding for Wales, as a strong plan for the country`s future.

Today, three politicians line up in the tunnel to announce a historic agreement. It may not be up there when Sam Warburton led the Welshman to a Grand Slam, injured his shoulder and lifted the trophy with one hand. But the St David`s Day agreement we have reached today is one of the biggest transfers of power in the history of Welsh decentralisation. The term “St David`s Day Agreement” caused controversy in Wales because it gave the impression that it was an agreement between governments or negotiating parties similar to the Good Friday Agreement, when in reality it was simply a political announcement by the Government of London, in which the Cardiff government had not participated.