Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDas) are contracts that protect your invention and USC`s intellectual property, and define the authorized use and dissemination of non-public information that you provide or receive – such as the status or results of research, unpublished patent information, planned searches – and non-profit organizations and non-profit organizations. An authorized member of the USC Stevens Center for Innovation must sign these CDAs. CDAs are not intended for the transmission of material equipment or the transmission of research data for research for which an MTA or ADB should be used. The agreement is intended to ensure that a contractor complies with the requirements for the use of information relating to students protected by ferpa, 20 U.S.C 1232g, 34 Code of Federal Regulations Part 99 and California Education Code Sections 49060-49085. This agreement applies to all interactions between post-D.C. contractors and district schools. Typed/Printed Data Username ————————————————————————— Data Transmission Agreements (DTAs) offer the same data protection as an MTA for hardware. An authorized member of the USC Stevens Center for Innovation must sign mtAs and DTAs. A faster and thinner way to pass on your MTA, DTA and CDA requirements. The online system allows you to save time and access your application information with your USC Net ID and password. Get started now! If the senior auditor believes that the study meets the above criterion and that the Spanish translation of the ICF is necessary, the request must contain this information. The IRB will then decide whether to provide the translation and provide this information to the Senior Auditor (PI). If the IRB finds that the study is not qualified, it is the IP`s responsibility to ensure that the ICF is translated into Spanish and to provide a translated version to the IRB.

Do you need MTA/DTA/CDA help? Call or e-mail or 213-821-0939 (CDAs) Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) Material Transfer Agreements (MTA) are contracts, that protect your invention and USC`s intellectual property, limit liability, and include consideration of the materials designer when providing or receiving research materials, such as cell lines, cultures, bacteria, transgenic animals, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, software, models, robots — and research institutes and companies. Any hardware exchange requires an MTA. Models – Biomedical Investigator Initiated Protocol – Chart Review Protocol – Social Behavioral Protocol Scroll to the end of this page to view all the dates our offices will be closed. On the Office of Ethics and Compliance website, you will find the following information: All studies and/or changes are verified in the order of their receipt. Currently, the IRB office pays for and facilitates the translation of Informed Consent Forms (ICF) into Spanish for certain types of research studies. To be consistent with the memo of Randolph (Randy) Hall, vice president of research on May 22, 2018, the IRB office will no longer offer this service from January 1, 2020. Exceptions may be granted for unfunded, non-industry-sponsored clinical trials initiated by investigators that have been the subject of scientific review (USC or external). All service providers must comply with the district`s data protection requirements for students and sign an agreement to use district data.

Clinical Trials Unit at USC Anc Research Committees For all other professional services requiring a data usage agreement, click HERE. Get ready in advance! Our offices are closed during the holidays. Please take this into account when submitting your application. OPRS and IRB offices will be closed on the following dates: CITI Training – COVID-19 Research Ramp-Up – IRB Review – iStar – Reporting Research Misconduct – Who D