Funds from electronic direct deposits in your account are available on the business day we receive the deposit. Funds from cash deposits, transfers and the first $5,525 of total deposits of certified funds, certified cash registers, cash registers, travel authorities, as well as federal, regional and local authorities will be available on the first business day following the day of your deposit, if the deposit meets certain conditions. Checks must be payable to you, z.B. The $5.525 surplus from the deposit of these cheques and the money from the deposit of all other cheques will be available until the fifth business day following the day of your deposit. All paid current accounts can consist of two sub-accounts: a paid audit sub-account and a paid money market sub-account. The funds of the two sub-accounts earn interest at the same rate. Non-interest-bearing current accounts consist of two sub-accounts: a non-interest-bearing audit account and a non-interest-bearing savings account. Whether your current account is paid or not, your monthly statement displays your account as a single, integrated account. While we manage separate information for each account for regulatory purposes, all information that is provided to you is consolidated. Each month, we will allocate your current account balance between the two sub-accounts based on allocation formulas that we can change from time to time. All cheques, withdrawals, withdrawals and other fees on your account are displayed against the balance in your Giro sub-account. If additional funds are required to cover your transactions, we will automatically and freely transfer funds available to your money market sub-account or savings to your current sub-account. If the excess funds accumulate in the cheque sub-account, we can transfer the money automatically to the money market or savings sub-account.

Internal transfers between the two sub-accounts do not have a practical impact on you. The cumulative balance of the two sub-accounts is available for payment of items submitted for payment. Transaction fees for PIN-based transactions initiated by your Visa debit card can be incurred and are specified in our disclosure of products and fees under each type of account. We do not charge transaction fees for non-PIN transactions, unless they are made outside the United States. Currency. We have the right to recover our various fees and fees (i) by debiting your account (even if the charge results in an overdraft), (ii) deducting our fees for the payment of inbound and outbound transfers of the amount transferred, (iii) by direct payment from you and (iv) by exercising our right to hire.