Hello, I was housed by my employer when I arrived two years ago. I received a tawtheeq, which expired in December 2016, but no one was informed. I went to renew my tawtheeq March 2018, but it was said that the lease would be renegotiated at the end of May 2018. I signed all the tawtheeq documents again in March 2018 and was told that my employer would sign and return. But I didn`t get anything and I think my employer negotiated a new lease. I will leave the country permanently in July. Can I still close my Addc, water, etc. if I don`t have a valid Tawtheeq? Will it cause problems? I have to cancel my Emirates Id in 10 days, so I think I should have the Tawtheeq first? Please advise – thank you I can do the tawtheeq renewal myself. I read Tawtheeq renewal fee is about 150 aed, where in our community management team charge me 750 aed. How can we avoid the same thing? If I am the owner of the property (townhouse), can I register and use the tawtheeq online? What if it was the property management that would issue the treated Tawtheeq, and I decided to do it myself? If we have registered the Tawtheeq of a property (Oct.

2017-October 2018), do we have to apply again for the next lease? Is there a tawtheeq renewal or a new app? My children and I are under the auspices of my husband. However, we do not now have a Tawtheeq for the renewal of our visa. There are PROs or agencies that offer tawtheeq with a certain amount of payment. Will the tawtheeq they make available for visa renewal application? You can contact us at 80022220 or email tawtheeq@adm.abudhabi.ae Yes, the real estate and contract registration mechanism can be changed by filling out the corresponding forms with the necessary documentation, either by downloading them from the documentation centre www.adm.gov.ae/tawtheeq available on the “Tawtheeq” website, or by collecting them from the municipality`s information office. The same is then necessary to be submitted to the customer service of the commune. It will be better if we start looking for the property a month or three weeks ago before moving to Abu Dhabi. If you start looking early, then it would be easy for you to choose the right property and get the landlords` lease form. Each time a new lease is signed in Abu Dhabi, a Tawtheeq contract must be signed in all necessary procedures. This registration process is usually conducted either by the owner of the building or by the real estate advisors who manage the property in Abu Dhabi.

This is different from Ejari in Dubai, which is usually taken care of by tenants. I spoke to one of the real estate agents here in abu dhabi and he offers me a tawtheeq for an apartment that he said I can use for sponsorship but can`t be used for the mawaqif resident parking app? Is there another type of tawtheeq needed for the mawaqif application of residential parking? Thank you monik for our letter. You can rent an apartment in Abu Dhabi while you have a work visa in Dubai, but we advise you to check with the official authorities for the latest information. The list of documents required usually depends on your landlord and your agency, but most rental contracts require this: Hello Happy Day! I would just like to ask if there is another tawtheeq use for visa and mawaqif (parking) application? We are about to move into a new apartment, but someone told us that she could give us tawtheeq for visa application purposes, but not for parking.