What contractual forms are used to develop integrated services? What are the popular models for integrating commissioning? Integrated contracting and commissioning procedures allow commissioners to work with suppliers to fill gaps in services and promote a better experience and results for service users. Integrated commissioning can take a number of forms: the British cabinet office and the Commission Academy provide the following explanations of commissioning: “We “mandate” to achieve results for our fellow citizens, for our communities and for society as a whole; Know their needs, desires, aspirations and experiences. What is part of the mechanical layout when commissioning? Different service sectors have different rules or requirements for commissioning: joint funding agreements have, to some extent, supported the search for joint commissioning, but the practical application of this development has differed from region to region. On the road to integration, integrated commissioning processes can be seen as an indicator of integrated integration principles. Focus commissioning in all budgets, grouped or not, focus on results and increase investments in municipal services that create independence. What are the most common problems encountered when introducing integrated commissioning?.