The agreement #This product development (“agreement”) is effective from -2014 and between entity A (hereafter referred to as “customer” or “company A”), whose head office and head office are located _____and Company B (hereafter referred to as “manufacturer” or “company B”). “agreement,” this agreement and any instrument or timetable that is established or referred to. In order to allocate IUI resources optimally and ensure the success and effectiveness of the development process, it is important to have a buy-in and support based on the program and its leadership. The supplier is committed to treating all details of product development for the customer as owner and confidential. No aspect or detail, or the product developed or the assets or information provided by the Customer may be disclosed to third parties without the customer`s prior written consent. The supplier provides product development services in accordance with the co-participation, in exchange for the royalties mentioned in the “Remuneration” portion of the agreement. All files, works, prototypes, etc. will be delivered to the customer in accordance with the delivery plan attached to this agreement. The supplier agrees that all final work has become the exclusive property of the customer as soon as the full payment to the supplier has been made. (a) On agreement between the customer and the manufacturer on a prototype price, the manufacturer will establish a prototype in accordance with the specifications made available to the manufacturer for the development of a future commercial product.

This product development agreement is entered into by and between [Sender.Company], the supplier and [Client.Company], the customer, from [Agreement.CreatedDate]. “Specifications” are the prototype specifications for the manufacture of the prototype and future commercial products defined in the B list made available to the manufacturer. one. If, for any reason, the client is deemed not to have ordered a “rental work” and his rights, including, but not limited to copyright, are questionable, the manufacturer accepts that this agreement constitutes an irrevocable assignment of all intellectual property rights, including copyright, patent, business secrecy, whether protected or not, of all work planned for the customer or its customers, representatives or suppliers in accordance with this agreement. (c) Property Subject to the licenses granted by the customer to the manufacturer in accordance with the terms of this contract, the customer retains all rights, ownership and interest in and for all intellectual property rights and know-how regarding the prototype, product and future commercial product. (d) The licensee hereafter grants a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable license to the client`s intellectual property for the duration of this contract for the development of the prototype and future commercial products. There is nothing in the agreement to provide for an exclusive or other license for the client`s intellectual property, which is not related to the development of the prototype and/or future commercial product.