Issues relating to land transport import and export operations were agreed as follows: to comply with the carrier`s obligation imposed by “Iarovaia anti-terrorism legislation to verify the description of the cargo”, PJSC TransContainer has the right to carry out such an audit. In this case, we designed a mobile application for photographic evidence for loaded loading; Responsibility for the corruption of the description of the cargo is established. The parties only sign a printed copy of the shipping contract. The general and special terms and conditions are published on the internet to the public, on the information stands and are not required to be signed by the parties; Other documents that govern the terms and conditions of the order are also posted online. The account designated by Part B is a collection account that HKD or US Dollars can receive. Part B account information is as follows: A step towards new information cooperation technologies The customer is informed in advance of changes to the general or special terms. The quantities of services that exceeded the agreed quantities (for example. B container storage period, transcontain car period and/or containers under customer responsibility, including processing in non-public areas, delays caused by a customer or their contractors on the road, etc.) are paid for the service actually provided. Address: Room 1733-35, 17/F., Park-in Commercial Centre, 56 Dundas Street, Mongkok, Kowloon, Hong Kong During the order, a customer receives service charges and a description of the terms and conditions as well. Address: Room 3005-3006, 30th Floor, Tower A, Zhongtai International Plaza, 161 Linhe West Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou Account Name: DACHSER International Freight Forwarding (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.