Excluded leases have both a fixed term and a periodic term, although the fixed term is often symbolic. However, if you have a fixed term, you have relative protection against evictions and rent increases. Your agreement may set the required notice period. If this is not the case, you are entitled, as a tenant with an excluded rental agreement, to a notice period corresponding to your rental period. For example, if you pay monthly rent, you are entitled to one month`s notice. They also have stronger rights against eviction than other tenants. The landlord cannot use a standard eviction notice in accordance with Section 21, as this is an Assured Shorthold default rental agreement. Instead, the lessor must obtain from the court a property order that requires proof of certain grounds. As a general rule, tenants must violate the terms of the lease to be evicted from the property. In addition to indicating the type of lease agreement to which the lessor and tenant sign up, a lease agreement must contain by default the following information: The flexible lease is available after April 1, 2012. If you have a rental agreement with the municipal administration and you started renting before this date, it is very likely that you will not have a flexible rental relationship.

These are some of the types of rentals you may encounter: if you have a temporary rental agreement, you can only terminate for the limited time if your lease states that it is allowed. The termination period you must grant depends on what is in your rental agreement. It is also possible to leave without notice on the day your lease ends. Secure rental conditions can be “hereditary”. If the original tenant is a safe board tenant and lives with their partner or family member, the subsequent tenant can automatically obtain the lease on their behalf in the event of death. Safe tenants can also assign their rental relationship to a person who has the right of succession in the event of death. Most rentals are automatically ASTs. As long as the property is private (i.e. non-commercial), the lease began after 1989, the property is the tenant`s main dwelling and you (the owner) do not reside in the property, it is likely to be rented out in a secure short-term contract.

If the Council decides, it can extend your deadline for introduction by another 6 months or initiate proceedings to evict you for breach of the terms of the lease.. . .