Check your contract portfolio to first identify those that are calls from CSC trade agreements and those that include the processing of personal data. When checking reminders for personal data processing, you should involve your data protection representative, who can provide technical advice and advice on data protection and the RGPD. Sharpe Pritchard LLP and our team of data protection experts are able to competently advise their organization on the application of the 2018 RGPD and data protection and assist in the design and implementation of solutions to ensure compliance when needed. You need to ensure that the consultation conditions are appropriate for the risk assessment you have carried out when processing personal data. There are example clauses that you need to adapt to Schedule 1 and you need legal advice to make sure they match your specific call. We are working hard to ensure that all existing and new relevant trade agreements are updated in accordance with the new rules, that suppliers are well informed of our plans and that customers can access RGPD-compliant agreements as quickly as possible. They must determine and agree who processes personal data in each consultation contract and who determines how, when and where personal data is processed (i.e. the person in charge of processing). In most of your call contracts, you (the CSC customer) and the processor will be the supplier. If this is not the case, please contact your Commercial Agreement Manager.

The SCC may characterize a trade agreement as low risk and you may determine the recall of the same commercial contract as a high risk. B, for example, a mobile phone trading contract that involves little or no personal data at the executive level, but which handles much more personal data in the consultation. It is important that you conduct your own risk assessment and act accordingly. The RGPD applies to data processing, which covers the collection, storage, use, transmission and deletion of personal data. It applies to all organizations, regardless of size, including charities. Customers who use CCS commercial agreements are responsible for providing you with this change notification in order to make the necessary changes to their call contracts and may already be in contact with you if the recall involves processing personal data. The RGPD also increases the risk of damages being awarded to you if individuals successfully claim that you have not protected their personal data. The RGPD applies to data processing, which covers the collection, storage, use, transmission and deletion of personal data. It requires individuals to receive more information about how their personal data is used using “extended data protection guidelines” and gives individuals the right to update, delete or share their personal data whenever they wish. It is important that the systems used by organizations are able to meet these rights and organizations must retain all personal data processing activities and ensure that their contracts with suppliers contain specific clauses on third-party data processing.

When we think of important data in our lives, we think of our anniversary, our special anniversaries and, of course, the day the RGPD came into effect. Although the date of May 25, 2018 may seem remote, further reflection on how to properly complete privacy processing schedules remains May 25, 2018. If not properly completed, this can lead to non-compliance with the RGPD requirements and sleepless nights. There are a number of economic considerations to be taken when deciding on reasonable commitments for each party under the RGPD.