In order to facilitate the transition to another school, Ensign College is working hard to reach articulation agreements with other institutions and universities. Are you considering a university or university after Ensign University? Be sure to review and comply with the transmission guidelines of this institution before the start of classes. Transfer Evaluation Services evaluates military courses on the basis of the CEA recommendation based on the Transcript of Common Services. Courses are defined by the ACE as a senior division or sub-department, and BYU only accepts courses recommended as a senior department. Contact transfer assessment services if you have any questions about how your balance was transferred to meet general educational requirements. Your senior advisory centre evaluates transfer credits that could apply to important requirements. For more information on the transfer of your credit credits from the Institute for Religion, refer to the Credits of the Institute of Religion. The reverse transfer process is for those who have not completed Ensign College and can no longer enrol, but who wish to teach from another university or university and complete their studies at Ensign College. To obtain an audit of your registration, take the following steps to determine if you have the right to apply for graduation: A full association degree waives most of BYU`s general education requirements (with the exception of American Heritage, Advanced Written and Oral Communication, Languages of Learning and BYU religion hours) when the diploma includes at least 30 hours of credit (or 45 quarters of credits). If a course as part of a waiver obligation is a prerequisite for another course, the course must continue to be taken (the GE requirement is removed, but not the class). Apply to BYU as a newcomer, transfer or former student. Information on the transfer of old university credits, simultaneous registration, AP, IB, etc.

to BYU. If you are waiting for your evaluation and registration is imminent or successful, use the course transfer tool (see above) and to plan your next semester. This ensures that you are not enrolled in courses you don`t need. Professional or technical credits are not transferable. For more details, please visit our audit guide website. Credits for university studies obtained by colleges, tests, diplomas, military or the Institute of Religion can be transferred in three ways: Note: Collegiate classes can be designated as simultaneous registration, alternating credit, race launch, etc. Quarterly credits/units are converted to semi-annual credits. (Ex: 36 Quarters – 24.01 Semestercredits) – Take Calculus AB or BC, not both.

Students who score 2 on the BC exam can apply to BYU for a consideration for the AB credit at level 3 score. You can obtain any diploma or certificate from Ensign College, including the Diploma of Applied Technology – Associate of Science or Integrated Study. These diplomas welcome Pathway students who wish to move to BYU-Idaho or other four-year institutions. If you want a more direct career, choose from each Ensign College certification program to develop skills that lead to immediate employment opportunities. If the programs are neither transferable nor generic in the course of studies, the diploma cannot be recognized and the courses are evaluated individually on portability and equivalence.