New and existing customers will receive our best smartphone deals with a trade-in phone, including iPhone 12 Trade-in Deals. Find out, for example, how to get the iPhone 12 Pro Max for $700 or the iPhone 12 mini for $0, both with a legitimate trade-in. I recently updated my phone on trade in and I tried to get everything ready to send in my old phone, but the ATT Next trade in agreement that says I should sign and included in the package with the old phone was not included in the package. I have a return label, but no agreement to sign and make. Is it necessary to have or just something I don`t need to worry about. I spoke to someone at ATT who assured me that all I really needed was just a sheet of paper containing my basic personal information on it and that would be okay, but I`m not quite sure because it`s a terms of use agreement that I have to confirm that I agree. Hey, guys, looking for a little clarification on this. I have used the ATT Next program since launch and I have updated it every year. In previous years, the new phone came with a page that had to be signed and returned with the old phone, also mentioned on the ATT wireless return page in the ATT Next Trade-in tab under “Ship your trade in”; “Put your phone trade-in (with the battery) and sign the agreement in the box, and seal it.” Once you`ve found out if your device is eligible for trade-in, there are several ways to deal with your balance. You can use the credit for new devices or accessories, and you would pay all arrears once your trade-in balance has been applied. Or you can have your credit applied to a new service or to your AT-T bill. If you find that the value of your trade-in tool is zero, you don`t have to worry about how you`re going to get rid of it. You can email it to us or drop it off at an AT-T store so it can be properly recycled.

If you`re ready for a device or phone upgrade, you can get your hands on the latest models by doing a trade-in. A trade-in allows you to get credit or use an offer. To learn more about device trade-ins, find out if your device is justified. Give the value of your trade-in to active military and veterans. This time, even though I don`t have a form to sign, no link to any of the emails, nor did I find one somewhere on the site. Is this no longer necessary or do I simply not need to do so as an existing Next-Plan customer? We send you prepaid delivery equipment so you can send your device for free. Find him with our assistant or look for him yourself., I have the same problem. Did you send yours without her? Keep in mind that AT-T aircraft and all other airlines are allowed. Get it in the mail or go to your local AT-T store for immediate credit.