Allity has engaged the CBF to assist in its negotiating strategy and national processes. Most importantly, Allity understood that it would need additional support in Victoria to reach a viable agreement with workers in the face of strong union opposition. Allity`s success or failure in Victoria would not only undermine its industrial commitments and renegotiations in other countries, but would also set a precedent for the broader aged care industry, with implications for other private providers. A party to an enterprise agreement may apply for authorization, registration or employment with SAET. To view the official copy of an enterprise agreement, please contact SAET Registry. Some enterprise agreements offer an alternative to the salaries and conditions set by the award. Others refer to certain attribution conditions and set other conditions. As a result of the acquisitions, Allity inherited a multitude of different and obsolete business agreements that did not meet business models or employment objectives. It therefore planned to initiate a broad renegotiation process with the unions of four states. If you are a party to a signed enterprise agreement, you must apply for SAET authorization within 21 days for SAET to approve it. After approval, the agreement will enter into force. SAET may also reconcile or give instructions when parties are working to negotiate an agreement.

SAET`s role is to approve the agreement if it meets the specific requirements of the Fair Work Act 1994. An enterprise agreement sets out the conditions of employment of workers covered by the agreement. It is negotiated through a premium security network to help employers and workers define working conditions that will support their needs. United Voice gives members the ability and courage to successfully organize and conduct campaigns that create quality jobs. Through union delegates, United Voice helps negotiate better collective agreements and rewards and provides industry advice to United Voice members. We are the backbone of our communities. We are proud of our work and the contribution we make. We are indispensable – and we are united in fighting for jobs – and for winning that we can count on. In the end, the approach we took with Allity was this: we are pleased to announce that, with our support, Allity has now completed negotiations in all four countries, most with strong worker support, despite the different levels of resistance from unions. We are active in the workplace, in the community and in politics to achieve positive change and build the kind of society we believe in. Please receive the corresponding forms via the SAET Forms page. FCB supported Allity through the negotiation process from start to finish, including: Electronic copies of the following enterprise agreements are provided by the parties and should not be qualified as official versions.

The official version of the agreement is a signed and sealed copy of the Commission`s Act, which is generally available for public consultation. Unfortunately, the industrial environment – particularly in Victoria – was incredibly hostile to Allity`s industrial strategy, because the unions actively opposed the proposed trade conditions and were prepared to face major industrial disruptions to promote their demands. As a large for-profit provider, backed by private equity investors, Allity`s business model may well represent the future of pensions in Australia. However, this is also a major challenge for trade unions that are grappling with the private operator model. Allity was founded in 2013 after buying Lend Lease s Aged Care for $270 million. Since then, he has made a series of other market acquisitions, including the purchase of 10 homes in South Australia for about $140 million. Today, it is one of the largest for-profit providers of elderly care at the national level and is considered the market leader.