Both alarm systems are monitored 24 hours a day and have a complete maintenance package that includes annual service, parts, work and service charges. I. Dangerous substances. In all cases, unless the project involves a new construction, the client ensures and guarantees that the site is, in good conscience, free of dangerous substances. The terms “hazardous substances” include asbestos, asbestos-containing materials, polychlorobiphenyl (“PCB”), formaldehyde or other potentially toxic or otherwise dangerous substances. If such a substance is discovered on site, ADT is not obligated to install or maintain the device at such a site, unless the customer confirms the safe removal or containment of these hazardous substances. The client releases, defended and unscathed ADT, its senior managers, directors and agents damages, claims, injuries, liabilities resulting from the exposure of ADT personnel, contractors or subcontractors to hazardous substances on the site; however, if the above provisions are not applicable, once it has been found that these hazardous substances were brought to the site by ADT. H. A direct link. be made available to municipal police, firefighters or another reported agency if this agreement provides for such a direct connection service.

It was agreed and it was agreed that signals from the municipal police and/or firefighters or any other agency would be monitored and that the staff of that municipal police and/or another agency would not be the ADT officer and that the ADT would not assume any responsibility for how these signals are monitored or for the response, if any, to these signals. When you sign up for Easy Pay, your monthly service charge, as shown on your ADT bill, will be charged/debited to the bank/credit/debit account to which you authorized ADT to withdraw your monthly payments. If you have signed up for paperless invoices or logged into the ADT Easy Pay Service, you will automatically receive email notifications when ADT issues your bill.