Another great use of ACMI is for so-called virtual operators. These are usually vacation rental companies that focus on selling tickets and don`t want to take the risk of operating an airline. Some people may argue that this is not a typical ACMI company (in a typical ACMI company, both companies must have an AOC that a virtual operator does not have), but I think it`s the same thing. The only difference is that this is only possible in countries that have an “open skies” agreement – this is not a problem between European Member States. Wet Lease varies, but generally takes into account all costs, with the possible exception of fuel, which varies depending on the contract. From acim same-day charter solutions to long-term or damp leases, we offer a complete and economical service. A maintenance contract is influenced by a number of elements, including depreciation, maintenance, insurance, as well as the political and geographical location of the policyholder. They can also be considered as a form of chartering in which the lessor provides minimum operating services, including ACMI, and the lessee provides the rest of the services with the flight numbers. For all other forms of chartering, the owner provides flight numbers. Variations of a lease agreement include a codeshare agreement and a block-seat agreement. ACMI leasing, also known as wet or wet leasing, is an agreement between two airlines under which the lessor undertakes to make available to the lessee an aircraft, crew, maintenance and insurance (ACMI), in return for payment of the number of block hours performed. Aircraft leasing, aircraft leases, aircraft lease types and options, aircraft maintenance reserves ACMI provides the lessee with additional or replacement capacity, including short-term capabilities. As part of an operating lease, the company leases an aircraft for a defined period.

Leases of operations get liquidity from an airline. Leases are often used by new airlines that do not have the capital to purchase aircraft directly or the financial history to secure favorable credit terms. An operating lease can take between three and ten years (although leasing of wide-body aircraft can be longer). . . .